Fishing Tips

The Guru’s top 12 tips for a great fishing experience

  1. Always stay safe, don’t take un-necessary risks, and watch after your mates. No fish is worth risking a tragedy 
  2. Make sure you have your fishing license. Regulations, bag & size limits, anglers access brochures and maps, stocking and much more at 
  3. Look after your fishing tackle. Clean rods, nice line, smooth reels, and sharp hooks and add up to more and better fish in the net. 
  4. Practise tying your knots…. Many a good fish has been lost because of sloppy or careless knot ties. 
  5. Tap into any localized fishing club reports you can find, check the club out and even join. The network of local knowledge here is invaluable, will save you time and money in the long run and the people are great. 
  6. Check the local weather forecasts and river levels ,lake water levels put these web links into your favourites.  
  7. Observe and consider locations and fish according to conditions for maximum enjoyment. Take food and drink with you, and stay dry. 
  8. Think like a fish. more info on  
  9. Expect to catch fish, but keep only what you will eat. Always put some back, especially smaller fish which will grow into trophy fish in time. 
  10. Handle with cold wet hands or not at all – use small pliers to remove the hook, flatten the barb, use single hooks rather than trebles, always bring fish in promptly. 
  11. On release support and face the fish into the current. Be gentle. 
  12. When you get home, dry and store your gear carefully. Dispose of rubbish properly at home. And Finally…. Practise… the more you fish, the better angler you will become 

And really finally… enjoy the experience… it’s a great recreational pursuit for everyone in the family